Special Events

Board of Directors Meeting Scheduled March 31st, 2015 at 6:00pm! - Members input meeting! Please, come and join us!

Flick N' Float in the Pool
Friday, March 27th, 2015- 6:00 pm - Cost $2 per person
Swim, float, splash and have a relaxing evening in the pool while watching  " The Wizard Oz" on the big screen. Flotation devices will be allowed, so make sure to bring your favorite Floatie.

2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt in the Pool

Senior Events


Senior Sip and SHARE - ONGOING

Swim Lessons

Below is an attached file for Morning and Afternoon swim lessons. ***

 Level 1
This class is an introduction for a child who is not yet comfortable with breath control, submerging, floating and kicking.

Level 2
This class is for the child who is already comfortable with front floating and kicking with their head under water for 3 feet on their own. The child will learn crawl arm stroke , back floating , breathing skills and elementary backstroke strokes.

Level 3
This class is for the child who is already comfortable swimming 15 feet with an unassisted breath. The child will learn freestyle with rollover breaths, backstroke , and dolphin kicks.

Parent/ Tot Class
Parent Tot class is our parent participation swim lesson program for children , age 6 months - 3 years of age. We use a gentle teaching approach :incorporating songs, games, and group exercises , to foster your child's life-long love of the water. 

Adult Class
It's never too late to start swimming! Our adult swim lesson program allows you to decrease your fear of the water and improve your swimming technique in a comfortable environment .

Swimming is a great low-impact exercise that builds your cardiovascular fitness, increases muscle tone, and helps shed pounds without the joint stress associated with running and jogging.

 For more information, contact D. Gunter , Aquatics Manager @ 803-781-2281.

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